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Dog walking

All dogs in my care will receive a full and stimulating walk. During this time he/she will be well exercised and socialised with other dogs. As dogs are pack animals, I believe it is more beneficial for your dog to be walked in a group with others but if you or I feel that your dog would be better suited to solo walking, then this can be arranged too.

I also combine shorter walks during my home visits for those little pups and senior dogs that can’t quite keep up. Please see my Doggy Home Visits page 

All dogs in my care will remain on their lead until I can be assured that their recall is satisfactory and they will never be allowed off their lead without your prior agreement and written consent.

I will use a variety of safe walking routes throughout: Stevenage, Walkern, Knebworth and Great Ashby.

In the summer months I will try to incorporate more woodland walking so that your dog can enjoy some time away from direct sunlight and with your permission, if it is safe to do so, we will sometimes have a play in nearby rivers. Don’t panic....I always carry plenty of water for all my dogs on a summers day and have plenty of towels for drying those wet bellies and paws.

In addition, I will try to capture all the fun we’re having and send you regular updates!  

If you are interested then please contact me to arrange a free consultation. It would be great to meet with you and your dog prior to a walk in order to get to know him/her and gain the best out of our time together. It also gives me the opportunity to spend a little time bonding with my new friend!

Important info: Where possible, dogs that require regular group walks will be grouped according to their abilities and compatibility in order to get the best out of our walks.


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