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Doggy home visits

If you are a proud owner of a new puppy awaiting vaccinations, then you might want someone to pay them a visit in order to split up a long day, give them their mid-day feed and clean up any puppy puddles and poops...oops! 

Or maybe you have a senior dog that prefers their own company and can’t quite manage an hour walk any longer. We can’t forget the old timers.

Sometimes dogs simply prefer their home comforts, so I will visit them in the comfort of their own home and make sure they have the following:

• A toilet break and play in the garden or a short walk upon request.

• Sufficient food and water.

• Medication (with written consent).

• A good brush/general groom.

• And finally....Lots and lots of fuss. 

Please note that I will not pay home visits to dogs that are intended to be left alone over night as I feel that it is unfair for a dog to be left unattended for such periods of time.

If you require regular services then you might like to make use of my key holding service. I am insured to look after your keys.

You can also combine home visits with my pet sitting services as I am fully insured to care for your dog, cat and many other small domestic animals.


If you are interested in any of the above services then please feel free to contact me and discuss how you would like to tailor my visit/s to suit your needs 

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