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Key holding service

I will retain a set of keys that you have provided me with in order to access your pets whenever my services are required. If you plan to use my services on a regular basis then I would highly recommend this service, as it will allow me to access your pets as and when you need me to without any unnecessary fuss.

The added benefits of using this service is that if you are running late or have an emergency then I can visit your pets and make sure they are ok. Also, if you misplace or lose your own keys then I will have your spares available to collect.

I am DBS/CRB checked and fully insured to look after your keys. If in the unlikely event that your keys were to be lost then my insurance will cover costs of their loss and any replacements locks required. However, this is very unlikely as your keys will be kept safe and secure with unique identifiers that do not connect them to your personal information.


If you do not wish to use my key holding service then we can discuss a method for collecting and returning keys at our initial consultation if you chose to work day by day.

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