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Pet Sitting

Sometimes those long working hours or last minute plans can leave you asking family, friends or neighbours to pop in and feed your cat etc. However, if you cannot find the help for whatever reason or prefer not to ask then please feel free to contact me.

During a home visit I will ensure that your pets have the following:

• Sufficient food and water.

• Clean litter trays and clean cages for smaller domestic pets.

• Medication (with written consent).

• And most importantly, plenty of fuss!  

If you are going on away for a few days then I can also give your home the lived in look by opening and closing curtains, turning lights on and off and collecting the mail. I can also water your plants and take out the rubbish bins if you happen to be away for bin day.

If you require regular services then you might also like to make use of my key holding service. I am insured to look after your keys.

I am fully insured to care for your dog, cat and any other small domestic animals. 


If you are interested in any of the above services then please feel free to contact me.

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